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2 days, no clocks

What is the first thought that flits through your mind even before you open your eyes in the morning?

If you wake to an alarm clock it is chosen for you.

I am a woman who hasn’t worn a watch for decades (They tend to stop working when I do, but that’s another story.), and I am the sole creator of my schedule each and every day, and still my mind’s first thought in the morning is the same as the user of the alarm clock.

What time is it?
Think about it. 
What parts of your life does the clock influence:
When to get up.
When and what to eat.
When to work and for how long.
When to play and for how long.
When to go to bed.
Well, just about everything if you let it!

And the crazy thing is that time as we have defined it is not real or natural.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years are all artificial constructs, and for that matter, inaccurate. There are 13 not 12 moon cycles in a solar year and a day is not exactly 24 hours. We require a leap year to make up for the inaccuracies of our chosen measuring tool. We are out of sync with the universe and that causes friction right down to the cellular level because our bodies and souls know the truth.

I want to return to a rhythm that is more aligned with universal reality. 


Because adhering to an artificial construct blocks me from experiencing unity consciousness and prevents me from experiencing the full beauty of being alive.

So once or twice a month I am returning to the practice of days without clocks to address the imbalances created by the artificial construct of linear time. 

OK, I know that there are inherent challenges in releasing a huge concept that most of the world clings to tenaciously, but I also realize that every baby step towards a truth holds immense, sustainable power and gifts that can be shared by everyone. 

I started with two days so I could sample life without Commodore Clock.

The first morning started with my mind hounding me to sneak a peek at the clock, but within a few minutes it gave up. My mind had lost one of its most potent obsessions, and I felt freer, more relaxed.

My awareness became heightened. I saw, heard, tasted, smelled, felt, and sensed things previously ignored because I had been racing with a clock! 

Movement felt like a dance.
Sound became a symphony.
Colours shimmered.
Everything I touched conveyed an encyclopedia of information. 
The making of vegetable burritos was pure bliss.

The day was seamless, effortless and enjoyable because I was not distracted by a constant chant of hurry up, hurry up reverberating inside my skull. The resistance I experience frequently as overwhelm could not exist because I was fully present and not being bullied by my fearful, micromanaging mind.

Wow, who needs drugs?

Does this mean my mind never tried to regain control of the situation during our clock fast? 

Of course not.

In my experience when you recognize one of your ego’s mind games it tends to fall back and quietly rummages around in its bag of tricks.

On the second day my mind casually suggested that perhaps it was time for me to eat something since I hadn’t yet. Before I could consider the idea, it began pontificating about why it was imperative that I eat something NOW so I could avoid “future consequences,” and then launched itself into designing the perfect menu.


Why was my mind deciding when and what to eat? That was the domain of my body. 
Was I hungry?
Then it’s not time to eat.

My mind shut up, and I went back to fully enjoying each moment.

It bided its time and then erected various roadblocks to some of my favourite activities. This proved to be a more successful tactic for some reason, and I found myself in a raging internal battle in an attempt to get around the imaginary obstacles. I became frustrated and irritable. So I stopped resisting, walked off, and did something else of my choosing. I’ll be spending some time meditating on that particular scenario.

The mind isn’t bad. It is a brilliant tool for acquiring needed and desired knowledge that enriches our life, but It latches onto external, and often artificial, rules and concepts because it’s trying to do a job it isn’t designed to do. It thinks it should be in charge. It likes nice tidy concrete truths that never change or are easily perceived through the physical senses so it can believe it has the undeniable facts with which to rule our lives. It isn’t often comfortable with the idea that our capacity for knowing is continually expanding and happens on many levels. That’s why it has trouble trusting the soul’s intuition and the body’s natural wisdom. 

The soul needs the mind and the body to have its adventures here on earth, and that’s why they are designed to work as an integrated whole. I’m not interested in putting my mind out of business, I want it to be a better team player! That is the purpose of my days without clocks. It gives my mind the opportunity to see how trustworthy and smart the soul and body are, and that when we function as an integrated being our life becomes a deeper, fulfilling, and more peaceful experience. We are in better alignment with universal flow.

The old constructs have disappeared and we are hanging onto their echo with all our might because we don’t know what comes next. This is what is creating the havoc, confusion, and heightened dysfunction we are witnessing in the world today. Our minds fear uncertainty. Our souls do not. They see opportunities to expand and explore. 

Why not take some time to experiment with some new ways of approaching those parts of your life that are causing you to bang your head on the wall? Maybe you crave a less chaotic schedule? Then why not clear your calendar of everything except the bare essentials for a week or a month and find out how you really want to spend your time? Or perhaps you have a longing for a home unencumbered by extraneous stuff? You could strip one room to the bare essentials, see how it feels, and discover what you might like to have in it. Are you feeling despair over the state of the environment? You could consider playing with the challenge of reducing your waste stream, buy used whenever possible, and try some new vegetarian recipes.

Embrace the frustration you are feeling. It’s a signal that you are ready to step into fuller alignment with the universal energies. When you act upon this it helps anchor these energies into the collective and the physical world. As you grow and heal, the world grows and heals. Everyone benefits! Remember you already have the perfect guide on board. Your soul has always had access to these truths and yearns to express them. You just need to ask.

From my heart to yours,

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