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errant inspiration

Even as a child, I preferred real movies to animated ones. The magic I experienced in the world was not a cartoon, but real, and that’s the way I wanted to see it on the screen.

Until now.

It all started with the day my daily Soul cards clobbered me with TWO Play cards. The odds of this happening are rare! Play does not come easily to me, but I put aside the work I had set out for myself and scrolled through the movies on my Netflix list and found a “kid’s” movie hiding amongst the documentaries and period dramas.

It was Disney Pixar’s Coco. Personally, I have never been enchanted by the Disneyfication of any story, so I had low expectations and figured I could turn it off at any point.

I was completely captivated from the start!

The colours, the culture, the humour, the endearing but powerful shapes of the matriarchal women, and all those fabulous skeletons drew me in immediately, and then the treasure began to reveal itself. This children’s movie was talking about things I have been experiencing as a medium for years:

Our relationships continue even when we reside in different dimensions, that unresolved issues from the past can influence a family for generations, and that love heals all.


That went so well I decided to follow it up with another animated movie. After all, my Soul wanted to play. Most of you are familiar with the frustration of browsing a site like Netflix for something to watch. You can spend hours at it and not find what you want. So I just selected one of the first ones I bumped into. It didn’t look promising, but what the heck.

I launched into Dreamworks Animation’s The Boss Baby.

I was laughing out loud from the start of the opening credits! Who wouldn’t be howling when faced with a suit clad, briefcase toting baby equipped with a teleporting pacifier and the voice of Alec Baldwin? That’s just the window dressing. Here’s the big theme it tackled:

What happens when you believe there isn’t enough love to go around.

Now for my most recent favourite, errant inspiration (I’ve already watched it three times!).

It’s Disney’s Christopher Robin. I’m going to fess up here. Yes, I did laugh heartily (Eeyore finds my funny bone every time!), but I also sobbed uncontrollably at parts each time I have watched it. The story hits a deep chord of truth with me about the state of the world.

This film is not the first time someone has recognized how wise and enlightened Pooh Bear is. If you haven’t already done so, check out author  Benjamin Hoff’s 1983 classic, The Tao of Pooh.

This beautiful, well-crafted film tackles a big question without a trace of saccharin:

What do you believe to be true about life? 
What you believe is what you perceive.

Are you going to adopt the soul sucking beliefs of the Heffalumps and Woozles that pedal fear and judgement as truth by telling you that to be a good, responsible person you must sacrifice yourself to heart-numbing, neverending toil far from everything you love? That happiness, wonder, and peace are frivolous at best, or worse, the sole domain of a select few?

Or would you consider the quiet wisdom of a bear who knows the pleasure of a red balloon and the joy of friendship and drops gems like:

Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.”
“Sometimes when I’m going somewhere and I wait,
somewhere comes to me.”

One of the messages I prize the most from this movie is that love belongs in all aspects of our lives. Not only does Christopher Robin decide to spend time with the family and friends he cherishes, he also brings love and appreciation to his workplace, transforming it on every level.

How encouraging it is to see these themes being addressed in mainstream entertainment, reminding us that wisdom comes in a endless variety of flavours and not just the dry, serious, difficult to digest ones. As a side note, laughter automatically raises your energetic frequency which expands your consciousness and releases all kind of goodies into your physical body.

How grateful I am that I have been released from my prejudice against all things animated.

Learning to laugh my way to Oneness,

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