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It refreshes the mind.
It helps the body heal.
And lets our soul speak freely.

It’s sleep! 
It’s powerful and free, and it is woefully underused.

As a collective we have been chronically sleep deprived for a very, long time, and it has cost us dearly on many fronts including our physical and mental health. Check out one of the many studies done chronicling the effects of sleep on our wellbeing. After all, it isn’t an anomaly that sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. Sleep is not optional. It is not a luxury, and it is certainly not a waste of time. Everything we do, think, feel, and everything our bodies accomplish to keep us upright and breathing requires energy, and one of the major ways we acquire that energy while in human form is by sleeping.

The pandemic is putting a magnifying glass on the things that we have tried to ignore, avoid, or were unaware of that are impacting the quality of our life. It is offering us the gift of change, and change requires a lot of energy. 

Do you want to feel more at peace with your emotions?
Feel at home in your body?
Be compassionately present for others?

Then catnap, grab 40 winks, get some zzzz’s, visit the Land of Nod, and make friends with the Sandman to fund the energy needed to navigate these tumultuous times and make the changes you desire. Adequate sleep benefits all aspects of our life including the way we interact with others. 

Without exception, everyone needs sleep. Making it a priority may require some tweaking of your present habits, but it will be well worth it. 

Here are a few suggestions to enhance or enchant your sleep experience:

  • Hydrate during the day. Dehydration can adversely affect your sleep.
  • Stop screen time (TV, computer, phone) an hour before bedtime. The light signals your brain to stay awake.
  • Create a bedtime ritual. Just like it helps young children, having a bedtime ritual will signal your body and mind that it is time to prepare for sleep. Reading a book (not on a device), meditating, taking a bath, moisturizing your skin, journaling, and massaging your feet are a few options.
  • Keep your bedroom cool. The body naturally cools down to go to sleep and a cool room gently accelerates the` process.
  • Make your bed a lovely place to be. When you get up in the morning open a window, turn back your covers and let your bed air out for at least 10 minutes before making it. Our bodies release a surprising amount of fluid while we sleep and this will help refresh your bedding. 
  • Spray your pillow with a fine mist of lavender or rose water. It will relax you and it smells so nice.
  • Do you love your sheets? If not, change them. Pay attention to how their colour and texture make you feel.
  • Share your bed with a stone or crystal that supports relaxation and deep sleep. Amethyst, green calcite, and a stone I found at the beach have been good choices for me.
  • Don’t store anything under your bed. Everything gives off energy. Can you imagine what’s emanating from that pile of dusty, mostly forgotten stuff? While you’re at it, clear any clutter from your bedroom and simplify the furnishings. 
  • Try sleeping alone sometimes. You are much bigger than your physical body. Give your energy field an opportunity to rest and stretch out. This is especially important for empaths and highly sensitive people. 
  • Unleash your body’s healing power by listening to a specially designed meditation as you drift off. Click here to try one of my favourites.

Sleep well. We need our rest because we’re creating a new world.

From my heart to yours,


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