martha dawson

Hi, I'm Martha

I am a Soul, just like you, traveling towards being a full expression of wholeness. My journey is fueled by curiosity, wonder, and a desire to feel the interconnectedness of everything. I have come to believe that all the answers we long for can be found within us. We are our own portal to understanding and experiencing the truth: That everything is one and created from the energy of love.

I like to start my day by opening the curtains and taking a moment to savour the beauty of the sky, cuddle my kitty, Freyja, and then set the intention to live the day awake to the perfection of the present moment. Tall order, but worth the effort because I have discovered that the extraordinary lives in the ordinary, and I don’t want to saunter past it!

Reading books, painting pictures in my tower room, watching movies, writing, baking shortbread, soaking in a hot bath, and being with good friends makes me happy. As does, the touch of the breeze on my face, connecting with people in Spirit, and conversing with trees and stones.

But my greatest joy is connecting Soul to Soul with people and witnessing the deep wisdom that pours forth, sometimes with tears but more often with humour, and fills the room with a profound love that touches everything. I feel blessed that people ask me to assist them in their soulwork.

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