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being snail

Snail is my new hero.

Look at snail.
Savouring the moment.
Loving the moment.
Being the moment.
EVERYTHING happens in the present moment.
Beauty, emotions, intuition, creativity, love….
It’s where Life happens.
Each moment is unique.

If I spend them doodling about inside my head reliving the past or worrying about the future I miss something that will never be again, like the lilt in my daughter’s voice when something has made her happy, the ladybug strolling across the windowsill, the spark of inspiration for a new painting, the smell of lilacs on a May morning, or my Gammie’s love from the other side.

I won’t know what I am truly feeling because I wasn’t present to feel it.

I want to feel ALL of my emotions. I no longer want to bury the painful ones hoping they will disappear because I can no longer see them like a child playing peek-a-boo. They are a gift, a language that provides me with a wealth of self-knowledge and opportunities to grow, heal, and offer and receive forgiveness and love. When I reject parts of myself I cannot be myself. I cannot love myself. I cannot be whole or at peace.

So I embrace snailness.

I practice slowing down so I may feel the nuances of a moment with my whole being, and when I do, everything is illuminated. I may at times experience or witness pain, but I also feel more love, compassion, gratitude, and joy. The world becomes vibrant, utterly beautiful, and sacred because I see it through my soul’s eyes.

And if that was not enough, snail also reminds me that there is no need to feel homesick for I, too, carry my true home wherever I go in my heart.

Snail and I share a powerful symbol, the spiral. Since childhood the spiral has called to me. It is my favourite doodle, it is one of the first things I spot out in nature, and I have always found profound peace in walking a spiral labyrinth. If I were a tattoo sort of gal, my body art would be spirals. The spiral represents the spiritual journey. It travels inward and outward giving me a chance to see all that resides in each of these realms and realize that they are all one.

Thank you, snail!

Let your love shine in the world,

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