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the extraordinary lives in the ordinary

burning down the house!

Be careful what you wish for. Because it WILL come true, but usually not in the way you imagined. For example, recently I described my internal

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hot air balloon

stepping back into my life

I’ve been sick. I’ve experienced bone melting exhaustion with the added insult of insomnia, a fever, an inability to focus and a digestive tract that

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family photo

the gentle nudger

Perched in the nearest branches of the maternal side of my family tree are three women who were mercurial and razor tongued. They are great

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Thumbs in the air

thumb sucking for adults

Thumb sucking is a natural reflex for self-soothing for young children. Isn’t it brilliant that most of us arrive in the world wired with the

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Bird house in tree

notes from the aerie

When I moved into this cozy, third floor apartment nestled in the canopy of ancient maple trees I was going through a major change in my

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Girl on swing under mushroom

the giggling empath

Empaths live life intensely……and usually VERY seriously.  Our brains are wired to receive larger amounts of information, both from the physical and unseen dimensions. (They’ve

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2 days, no clocks

What is the first thought that flits through your mind even before you open your eyes in the morning? If you wake to an alarm

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the eloquent body

In January I asked for an expanded awareness of unity consciousness, All Is One.I secretly harboured the expectation of bliss, peace, and rainbow farting unicorns.Instead

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evict your dust bunnies

THE DUST BUNNIES ARE RUNNING OUR LIVES! Who are these fuzzy tyrants that dictate the quality and tenor of our lives? They are the rigid

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multidimensional bathing

Surprisingly I have my bossy, whip-cracking mind to thank for my leisurely bathing habit. My apartment sports a cozy, clawfoot tub tucked under the eaves

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being snail

Snail is my new hero. Look at snail.Savouring the moment.Loving the moment.Being the moment.EVERYTHING happens in the present moment.Beauty, emotions, intuition, creativity, love….It’s where Life

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errant inspiration

Even as a child, I preferred real movies to animated ones. The magic I experienced in the world was not a cartoon, but real, and

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taming the time tyrant

Speed is irrelevant if you are traveling in the wrong direction.   – Mahatma Gandhi She snuck in. I didn’t notice her at first. She was

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the blessing tonic

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasure.”  – Thornton Wilder, The Woman of

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when i was a man

It finally happened. For several years I wondered when it would, but trusted it would come when the time was right, and I was ready.

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inquire within

Why would a person want to speak with their Soul? Our Soul is the aspect of our being that chose to incarnate in a physical

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sky teacher

Every day has a beautiful sky.The milky beauty of a winter afternoon sky with its subtle light.The moody blues of a stormy summer sky.From the

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the egg custard epiphany

It started with the yummy noises….. a series of little exstatic groans followed by a satisfied sigh when all of my physical senses burst open

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the ultimate playground

As you know, my own personal Inner Child work has been the fodder for several of these newsletters, and this one will prove to be

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pull on your traveling shoes

You can take your instructions and your guidance from others, but you must find your own path.” – Joseph Campbell Did you know you have always possessed

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new tools

Can you feel it? The massive waves of transition rumbling through both our personal and global lives? That which was familiar either doesn’t work anymore or

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see the beauty

Did you know that perceiving beauty can transform you, your life, and the world? It can, and it does! You just need to know how

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what do we do now?

My meditation this morning was challenging in the wake of yet another mass shooting. I found myself revisiting an old thought I first had when

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i am the toaster

2017 has sped along at a mind-bending pace……offering multitudes of opportunities to shed the illusion of separateness and experience the reality of Oneness and be who

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