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gifts from the heatwave

I am excited to share what I have learned in this challenging weather cycle!

Even as a child I wasn’t a fan of heat or humidity, never mind the combination of the two. I have always been a “shade girl,” and I find sweating to be a less than pleasurable experience. So when I was faced with a forecast of a week long heatwave, let’s just say, I was not a happy camper.

After indulging in a personal whining fest, this thought pushed its way to the front of my mind. “Why are you resisting what is? Your body does not respond well to heat. Instead of thinking about how miserable you are going to be, why not consider ways you can flow with the circumstances and reap the gifts it might hold?”


I wasn’t initially sold on the idea of the heatwave holding any gifts for me, but I decided to at least believe that the possibility did exist. It was a place to start. Next I shifted my focus to ways I could go with the flow. After all, I couldn’t make the heatwave go away, but I could design a schedule and activities that reduced my discomfort and honoured what my body needed. So I did, and what did I discover?


It’s day 5 of the heatwave and here is a list of 11 gifts I have already received:

  1. Slowing down. This has allowed me to actually hear what my body wants and quiet my temporal mind. (It doesn’t like heat either and tends to struggle with brain fog and therefore suffers from acute bouts of frustration.)
  2. My friend reassuring me that it’s OK to be crabby when I am with her. I didn’t need to put a good face on for her.
  3. I finally got the haircut I desperately needed, wanted, and kept forgetting to schedule.
  4. I can meditate for as long as I want because sitting still is a priority for feeling good in the heat. No pesky thoughts about housework or cooking to make me jump up from my meditation cushion.
  5. Homemade potato salad is a complete meal.
  6. A cool bath with peppermint soap is a sublime gift for an overheated body especially when accompanied by smooth jazz, and the effects last for hours.
  7. Cucumber water will cool you from the inside out as well as soothe hot skin.
  8. I can catch up on both my work and recreational reading. I love books, and the heat has given me guilt free hours to enjoy them.
  9. The invention of the oscillating fan is one of the highest blessings.
  10. Instead of being an annoyance and something to be gotten done as quickly as possible, errands have become delightful, relaxed excursions into air-conditioning.
  11. When I do readings for people I don’t experience the effects of the heat.

Now I’m not telling you that I now love heat and humidity. I don’t. I’ll take a crisp, sunny, autumn morning any day of the week, but by choosing not to resist, I opened myself up to the possibility of having a different experience, and I have. I have slept well each night, my mind is not in a constant uproar, and I even spent this morning comfortably writing for hours without the need of a fan blowing on me. Resistance creates and magnifies suffering. Release it, and you give yourself the opportunity to live in the present moment and experience all it has to offer. And here’s the thing, resistance in itself is a gift. It is a signal that we have stepped out of the flow of life. We can then stop, quiet the mind, and surrender to what is and experience clarity, vibrancy, and even peace.

What are you resisting? Who you are, your feelings, your circumstances, life?

Are you curious about what might happen if you surrender your resistance?

Spirit is here to assist us in all matters. We just need to ask. Readings are one of the ways we can connect with that ever generous flow of life force.


Be gentle with yourselves.


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