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i am the toaster

2017 has sped along at a mind-bending pace……offering multitudes of opportunities to shed the illusion of separateness and experience the reality of Oneness and be who we truly are.


I am the ocean.The ocean is me.
I am the tree. 
The tree is me.I am the flea.
The flea is me.I am that big old rock.
That big old rock is me.
I am the toaster.The toaster is me. (You get the picture.)
I am you and you are me.
What happens when you start to perceive the world in this way?
You begin to love everything,
Because you are love. 
Which means everything is love
because everything is One.

This is experiencing the world from the Soul’s perspective.
From this perspective you can create each moment, each day, each lifetime with exquisite precision because you are one with Divine Creator.

This is Soul inspired living.
The world around us reflects what we believe. Quantum Physics has proven this, and this roller coaster of a year has shown us that what we believe to be true is manifesting more quickly than ever before. Isn’t it time to know who we are and start consciously creating our lives? I know you might feel overwhelmed right about now, but take heart. All you need to begin is to have a sense of curiosity about your true essence and a desire to explore the possibilities. You are already everything you need for this journey. You just need to remember.

Embrace the adventure! The process of conscious creation is empowering, transformative, healing, and fun, and the effects are profound both personally and universally.  It is what we came to this beautiful planet to do.
In closing, I want to thank you all for making this year a glorious adventure as we rode the waves of change together. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to channel Spirit for many of you who came for readings and am blessed to have had many hours of joy facilitating workshops and classes on ideas that I am passionate about. Because of you I am able to fulfill my purpose, and for that I am truly grateful.

Much love,

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