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multidimensional bathing

Surprisingly I have my bossy, whip-cracking mind to thank for my leisurely bathing habit.

My apartment sports a cozy, clawfoot tub tucked under the eaves and no shower. Before this arrangement I thought long, leisurely bathing was a decadent luxury that should be indulged sparingly. Now it is a daily event, and I love it. My mind has had other ideas. When it deemed that I had spent enough time in the lovely, warm water, it would chase me from the tub with recriminating shouts about laziness and wasted time. GET TO WORK, SLOTH!

I obeyed its commands for a while, but eventually I began to exhibit signs of rebellion, and the tiny tyrant in my head demanded an explanation.

Hmmmm… I was reluctant to comply. I had worked hard to wean myself from the habit of justifying my choices, desires or feelings to others, but I had yet to learn how to escape the over-controlling, judgemental busybody that resided in my head.

In desperation I began a list to validate my tub time to get the loudmouth to shut up.

  1. I like to be clean. I do both physical and energetic ablutions in the tub with lilac scented goat’s milk soap and prayers for clearing my energy field.
  2. Water is very healing for me. I can relieve body aches and mental chaos with the addition of sea or epsom salts, essential oils, a bath bomb, or stones.

That should have been enough since self-care is so important, but here is where it began to get rather interesting. It turned out that there was a lot more going on in my tub.

  1. Bath time is when I have long conversations with my spirit guide on assisting me in living a soul inspired life.
  2. My imagination blows wide open and inspiration flows in for new paintings and essays.
  3. I am frequently visited by people in spirit while lounging in the tub.
  4. Empath bliss! I slow down, become fully present and one with the water entering the stillness where nothing and everything occurs. Perceiving this peaceful oneness while in physical form is my Soul’s greatest desire.

Woo-hoo! I’m experiencing multidimensional bathing!

Looks like my rule obsessed mind has unwittingly shot itself in the proverbial foot!

Turns out, even by my mind’s own definition, I am working while soaking in the tub. I’m coming up with new ideas and actually performing tasks that are a part of my business. It is just struggling to apply outdated views of what work is and how it should be accomplished.

The temporal mind has a limited perspective shaped by the rules it has adopted from external sources such as the culture, school, religion, and family.  It also tends to be suspicious of that which gives us pleasure since pleasure does not equal work and work is of prime importance. (Thank you, Puritans!) It has difficulty recognizing anything that exists outside its adopted rules to be a valid option, and it fears failure and judgement. The soul, on the other hand, has no such restrictions and can embrace all experiences as being worthy of exploration. When we choose to live from our soul’s perspective we bring infinite possibilities into our field of awareness to be considered.

Try questioning your mind’s rule laden agendas before you automatically poo poo what it  considers frivolous or a waste of time. Daydreaming in the hammock, staring out the window, or endless doodling on scraps of paper creates inner space for the soul to let its wisdom and desires be known. Why not try a different perspective?

My life is my soulwork.
And my soul likes to chat in the bath.

With wrinkled fingertips and an open heart,



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