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Can you feel it?

The massive waves of transition rumbling through both our personal and global lives? That which was familiar either doesn’t work anymore or has completely fallen away leaving us feeling uncertain, a bit lost, and wondering who we are.

This is actually great news!

It’s all clearing the path for us to step into a new level of expanded consciousness – to actually become who we really are, not who we think we are. Woo-hoo, we’re evolving!

So the next obvious question is: 
What now?

We look within. 

Because that is where our answers have always been. We have always been connected to Divine Wisdom. It’s our Soul, our Divine Aspect, that knows the way. It speaks the language!

Maybe we should start listening.

So the next question is:
How do we do that?

Here’s one way.

Over the last year or so Spirit has been refocusing my services towards what it calls Soulwork. Its purpose is to assist us in deepening the integration of our eternal and physical selves so that we may live from a Soul perspective while in physical form. That perspective begins and ends with love, and the place we must start is with learning to love, care and trust ourselves. That is the way to being able to hear your Soul voice.

The new sessions being offered provide a detailed, holistic picture from your Soul about its desired intentions for this lifetime, one that encompasses your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects, giving you a more complete context in which to understand your self and your experiences. Your Soul will also provide effective tools to live in deeper alignment with its intentions. This can help you release old, limiting beliefs you have adopted about yourself and clear the way for accelerated Soul growth. You can check out the details for these sessions below.

Let us travel forth together with open hearts!

Many blessings,


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