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out of chaos a new reading emerged

For me, the last few weeks have been a wild ride of transformation ranging from whistling s**t storm to zombie state to bliss and back again. You’ve got to love all the variety of colours life throws at you! I will share more about those experiences in future essays, but at the moment I am excited about a new reading that emerged during the chaos. The seeds and refinement of it appeared during a reading with a client and with the women in the Deep Knowing class I was facilitating. I thank you all for your loving support and insightful input during a time of rapid change. It illustrates how everything is truly a collaboration.

The new reading brings forth the desired intentions of the soul and how it wishes to express them temporally.  

Why is this important?

Because this reading addresses you as a whole being, not as one made up of separate parts that require integration.

And why does this shift in perception matter?

It was explained to me in a message I received from Spirit. (In the bathtub, of course.)

There is no need for integration.
You are already and have always been whole.
The act of integration is part of the separation illusion.
There is no separation. All is One.
Therefore, there is no need for integration.
If you focus on integration, you are focusing on separateness.

That blew my proverbial socks off!

I have been actively focusing on integrating my eternal and temporal aspects so I could live in unity consciousness for some time. You know, getting the body and mind to wise up and get inline with my soul’s desires so I could be the fullest expression of my soul in physical form; something I see as part of the evolutionary process we are now engaged in. It’s a worthy goal, but I was apparently coming at it upside down AND backwards.

Viewing ourselves as being made up of lots of different parts creates a whole host of challenges. For example, we start judging some parts as being better or more valuable than others. For me, it was creating a hierarchy with my soul at the top and my unenlightened body and mind at the bottom. That belief keeps me imprisoned in the illusion of separateness. When I see myself this way I see the world the same way, separate from me and often something to defend against. Plus poo-pooing all things physical kept me closed off from the gifts it offers; such as receiving love, creating art, and allowing abundance into my life. You can’t have what you don’t value. Now I perceive my temporal self as a physical expression of my soul and not some alien lifeform I am forced to inhabit.

When I realized that I didn’t need to go out there and get me some integration, that I was already whole, and all I needed to do was ALLOW it to shine through my being, all kinds of doors began to open. I have just completed my first painting in 7 years. When I paint I experience a profound harmony, and I am fully present in each moment because the illusion of linear time drops away. This is the same experience I have always had when I step outside my body to connect with other people’s souls for readings. Now I am entering this state while being fully in my body! Surprisingly it felt natural, like coming home. This new reading played an important role in my process by providing insight into my soul’s desires, how it would like to express them temporally, and how best to care for myself while doing it. It was like being given a detailed road map with a toolbox and maintenance manual for the trip.

Now I wish I could tell you that my belief in the need for integration died a full and graceful death. It has not. My new awareness is a practice, and each moment I allow the oneness to shine through my whole being, it gets easier to stay there a little longer. Those moments hold inner peace, clarity, and unconditional love no matter what the circumstances are that surround me. Who wouldn’t want more of that? I know I do!

I offer you the new Soul Infused Living Reading as one method of tapping into your divine inner knowledge of your innate wholeness.  

Let the oneness shine through you.


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