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Did you know that perceiving beauty can transform you, your life, and the world? It can, and it does!

You just need to know how to find it.

Beauty exists in the present moment.

Experiencing beauty makes you fully present.
Being present, you experience beauty.
This is mindfulness.

How wonderful is it that it can be such an enjoyable practice?

So why is this so important?

    • Your life only happens in the present moment, not in your thoughts about the past or future.
    • What you focus on is what you bring more of into your life and hence the world. 
    • Your Soul can only be heard in the present moment.

As you can see there are some wonderful benefits to this practice.

Let’s see what beauty this moment holds.

As I bring my awareness to the present I notice the beautiful delicate golden edge of the espresso orange shortbread cookie nestled next to my mug of afternoon coffee. Then there is the twiggy elegance of the treetops outside my window and the colourful whimsy of my Mither of the Mawlkins painting.

But it doesn’t stop there. 

Beauty is also heard, tasted, smelled, touched, and felt. Right now I am delighted by the rumbly purr of Freyja who is curled up against my chest on the desk between me and the computer as I’m typing. I am savouring the homey taste of bread fresh from the oven as I am uplifted by the sublime scent of my favourite incense wafting through the room. The soft, snuggly warmth of my stay-at-home sweater brings me a sense of sweet coziness, and I am feeling cherished in the loving presence of my departed Garmie. I am surrounded by beauty! 

Now you try.

Stop, bring your awareness to this moment, and notice the beauty.

How did that feel?

Want more?

It’s simple.
Just make it your practice to focus on the beauty around you as often as possible.

You will live more fully, you will bring more beauty into the world, and you will enhance your ability to “hear” your Soul.

And here are a few other benefits to consider:

    • Brings balance to your perception of reality – let’s remember duality has TWO SIDES – not just the so called “dark” one 
    • Reduces worry, anxiety, depression, and sadness 
    • Discovery of what brings you joy
    • Brings inner peace and centeredness 

This is not about denying the darkness that exists in the world, but ask yourself, has focusing on the fear healed or changed anything? Does ignoring the beauty that surrounds you make the world a better place?

Need a bit more inspiration?

Check out Dewitt Jones’ Ted Talk. Celebrate What’s Right with The World! It can change the way you look at the world. 

Have fun experiencing the beauty in each moment! 


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