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sky teacher

Every day has a beautiful sky.
The milky beauty of a winter afternoon sky with its subtle light.
The moody blues of a stormy summer sky.
From the first hint of colour that graces the horizon at dawn to the spangled magnificence of the night, the sky never disappoints. It is always beautiful.
The sky is forever generous.
It provides us with beauty in every moment.

Your life is like the sky.
For each moment, no matter its content, holds beauty waiting to be found.
Give it your attention, and let the wonder of the moment flood your being.

Don’t let the purveyors of fear fool you.

Beauty is powerful.

It is a teacher, a healer, an enlightener.
It is a language of Divine Source.
You are a spark of the Divine.
Therefore, it is your language.

If you have not already had the pleasure of hearing Dewitt Jones speak, let me introduce you to this wise and happy man. He knows the power of beauty. He can teach you how to see the beauty. He will make you laugh. He might even change your view of the world. And who knows where that could lead!

Dewitt Jones Tedx Talk   

2019 has begun. In numerological terms it is a 3 Universal Year (2+0+1+9=12, 1+2=3).  3 is a number of creativity, joy, and expression. So it is the perfect time for letting your Soul express itself and fill the world with its own unique sense of beauty.

It doesn’t stop there. 3 is also the number of co-creation. Can you imagine what we could create together?

Now you might be feeling flummoxed. Your mind is floundering about wondering, what can I create that is beautiful? Your mind has a very limited view of creativity and beauty, believing they are the sole property of the people the culture labels as artists. Your mind is misinformed. First, beauty takes infinite forms. Second, all souls are creators. And your Soul knows what it wants to create. You just need to ask.

Why not launch this year of creativity, joy, and expression with a conversation with your Soul so you can start filling the moments with your beauty? You can do this through meditation, oracle cards, taking a relaxing bath or just start talking. Another option is to have a Soul Reading. You can ask all those questions that are rattling around in your mind.

Come, let’s create together!

A joyful New Year to you all,

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