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2021 soul focus support package

SESSION DURATION: 4 one hour sessions 

(January, April, July and October)

COST:  $400 (A savings of $40 off separately

booked sessions.)

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH  /  Phone

When we are in alignment with our soul energy we experience inner peace, greater creativity and clarity that we can trust. This expanded awareness enables us to navigate life with greater ease no matter what our external circumstances may be. We are happier, healthier, and empowered and that will be reflected in the world around us.

This package is designed to assist you in building a practice of living from your soul’s perspective. By asking your soul about its desired focus throughout the year, you will be provided with guidance, resources, and activities that effectively support you in being a fuller expression of your divine essence. 

exciting new collaboration with Kim Gebro!

sound bath & soul readings

hosted by Kim Gebro & Martha Dawson

COST:  $85 / 6 person maximum
LOCATION:  The Strand Building, 174 Concord Street,          
                          Peterborough, NH
TIMES: 1 – 4pm
DATES: Saturday 3/14/20; 6/13/20; 9/12/20; 12/12/20

Nourish your mind and body by inviting in time to just be. Savor inner stillness as you are guided through gentle movement and a deep sound bath meditation. Develop your intuition as you connect to your own soul’s voice supported by spirit in a 15 minute reading with Martha Dawson.

This is how the three hours will unfold…

Opening Meditation to Connect with Your Soul Lead by Kim 
15 minute Soul Readings with Martha Using Oracle Cards

While each reading is being done we all hold a loving space and witness each others’ readings as we also listen to our own intuition for guidance as each reading unfolds. We gain many insights from each others’ experience with spirit because nothing separates us but our own beliefs.

Guided Qi Gong Between Readings

There is a lot of energy moving through the room beyond ours when we welcome spirit and our own soul’s voice to show up in such a powerful way.  This movement will bring whatever energy has arisen into alignment, clearing the space for deeper connection with our souls, spirit guides, and community.

40 Minute Guided Sound Bath Meditation with Singing Bowls 

This will allow you to integrate all that arose during the readings, meditation, and movement as you drop into silence and stillness.

For your ease and comfort…

This is a small group limited to 6 participants.

Please allow 15 minutes or so to settle into the space before the event.

There is plenty of equipment available to make you comfortable during this experience, but if you prefer your own equipment please feel free to bring it.  

You may want to wear layers because the temperature may vary as we drop into movement and then meditate in stillness. There is no need to wear “yoga” clothes. However, we do recommend that you wear clothing that does not obstruct your breathing at the abdomen or chest. 

It is recommended that you record your reading and photograph your cards.

Please feel free to contact Kim or Martha if you have any questions. 

To register for the event, contact Martha Dawson.

reap the wisdom of your past lives


COST:  $220

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH

If you have a friend who is interested in taking this tutorial with you, you can split the cost.

Whether you call them past lives or parallel lives, it all adds up to being your Soul’s journey. Think of it as your personal library of experiences, knowledge, and gifts that you have collected throughout the ages. There are many benefits to this information, including a broader perspective and context for your present incarnation, the release of experiences and beliefs that no longer serve you, an expanded awareness of who you truly are, and the tools to accelerate the embodiment of your Divine Blueprint.

During the session you will learn to access another lifetime in your Soul’s Journey on your own, receive assistance in interpreting the information you receive and how to utilize it.

A resource list will be emailed to you to help further your exploration.

inner child work


COST:  $110

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH


Connecting with our inner child plays an integral role in our ability to fully express our soul in daily life. It is the part of us that experiences joy, wonder, curiosity, playfulness and sensitivity and is the portal to our imagination and creativity.

Frequently due to wounding events and prevailing belief systems we find ourselves cut off from the attributes of our original innocent and loving self. This disconnection is the origin of our anxieties, fears, low self-esteem, and destructive behaviour patterns that are experienced in adulthood.

Communicating with this innocent, loving part of ourselves gives us the opportunity to heal and gain the wisdom that returns us to authenticity and a more vibrant life.
This session is a combination of a reading and a tutorial, providing you with a starting point for launching or reinvigorating your inner child work. You will receive messages from your inner child (you at a certain age) and tools for continuing this process on your own.

psychic development circlet

SESSION DURATION:  6 two hour sessions

COST:  $270 / 4 person maximum

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH

DATES: New session coming soon

Everyone has psychic senses because they are our soul’s senses. Honing them increases the information we receive from the worlds around us and brings us into further alignment with our soul’s intentions. First and foremost, our psychic abilities are tools for our personal journey. Some people will also feel the call to use them in the service of assisting and empowering others, and this class supports both purposes.

The Development Circlet is an experiential process. We will be practicing our skills in group and building a soulful practice at home to support our ever expanding awareness of the unseen realms.

The sessions will include:

  • Introduction to our psychic senses and how they work
  • Discovering and recognizing our personal psychic style
  • Deepening the connection with your Soul mind
  • Introduction to and the practice of psychic skills, such as intuitive reading, oracle cards, mediumship, channeling, automatic writing, psychometry. energy reading, soul to soul communication, etc. (The selection of skills will be determined by the make-up of the participants’ innate psychic preferences.)
  • Ethics, healthy boundaries, and basic psychic hygiene
  • Designing a personal daily practice to support and strengthen the integration of our eternal and temporal selves
  • Resources to further your studies
  • The community of fellow seekers

deep knowing

stepping into soul sovereignty

SESSION DURATION:  6 two hour sessions

COST:  $270 / 4 person maximum

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH


This is about honing your psychic senses.
This is about learning to be present.
This is about developing inner peace.
This is about releasing limiting beliefs.
This is about tapping into the source of your creativity.
This is about opening up to unity consciousness and other universal truths.
This is also about love, joy, and play.

This is all about remembering who you really are.

We are truly beautiful, enlightened aspects of divine source temporarily housed in physical form. When we embody and express the love that we are, we transform and the world transform with us. In fact, it is the only way the world changes because it is a reflection of what we believe to be true.

This series does not provide THE answers or a new belief system. You already have the answers and you don’t need another belief system. Instead it offers practices, ideas, and tools to assist you in opening up to the liberating state of soul sovereignty.

mediumship for everyday life

learn mediumship by reconnecting with a loved one in spirit

SESSION DURATION:  6 two hour sessions

COST:  $270 / 4 person maximum

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH

DATES: New session coming soon


No previous experience required. All levels welcome.

Everything is energy including us, and energy cannot be created or destroyed, just transformed. Hence no one dies. This means we have the opportunity to continue our relationships even when we reside in different dimensions, and as spiritual beings we have the capacity to do so.

This unique development series explores your innate mediumship abilities through deepening your relationship with a loved one on the other side. Learning through this self-empowering method not only develops your mediumship skills, it also gives you and the one in spirit the opportunity to assist each other in further embodying the divine blueprint through loving, learning, and healing together. Know that you have as much to offer them as they have to share with you. In a safe and supportive environment, with a practicing medium, you will discover your preferred method of receiving messages and learn how to communicate and interact with a soul in spirit through exercises and practices that can be incorporated into your daily life.

Some of the benefits of this work:

  • Receive and give guidance and love from a broader perspective
  • Enjoy sharing memories and creating new ones with your loved one
  • Learn what life is like in Spirit
  • Expand your awareness of the true nature of the universe
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