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If you need assistance in deciding which type of reading would be most beneficial for you at this time, please contact Martha and she will assist you in making a choice.  It is recommended that you record your session and photograph your card spread. 


soul guidance for empaths and highly sensitive people


COST:  $110


COST: $300 (you save $30)

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH  /  Phone

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) carry physical and energetic wiring that perceives greater amounts of information from the seen and unseen world around them. Being unaware of one’s sensitive nature can lead to exhaustion, confusion, and overwhelm. 

During the session your soul will provide insight into the particular challenges you are facing due to your high sensitivity, guidance for effective self-care, and assistance in recognizing the pleasures and gifts of your unique wiring so that you can live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

soul infused living

COST:  $110
LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH  /  Phone

Addressing you as the being of wholeness you already are, your soul will provide specific information on how to live your life from the perspective of unity consciousness.

With the use of a special oracle card spread, you will explore your soul’s desired focuses for the next month, how it would prefer to express them temporally (through mind and body), and what type of self-care would best support the process; providing a map and tools to assist in opening your awareness to oneness while in physical form.

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soul infused living package


3 private 60 min sessions

COST:  $300 (you save $30)

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH  /  Phone

Establishing a new perspective for living requires practice. With once a month Soul Infused Living Readings (See the description below.) for 3 months you will lay the foundation for living from the center of your being and gain the tools to continue the practice on your own.

A soul directed life is one that is vibrant, fluid, and draws upon a deep knowing of universal truths, such as unity consciousness and the omnipresence of unconditional love. This way of living sparks wonder, provides clarity, creates a core of inner peace and evokes an intense desire to be a true expression of soul energy while here on Earth. All of this already resides within you. You just need to ask, listen, and be.

your soul's self-care plan


COST:  $110

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH  /  Phone

“In a world of endless questions, love is the only answer.” – Matt Kahn

Self-care is a powerful act of love. It is the doorway to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, the key to embodying your divine blueprint, and the portal to Unity Consciousness. There are universal guidelines for self-care such as sleep, nourishing food, hydration, quiet time, and self-reflection, but each of us also have unique requirements at different times in our lives.

The purpose of this reading is to learn from your Soul what you need for the effective self-care of your whole being and begin to experience and express the love that you truly are.

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soul journey

SESSION DURATION:  30 / 60 min

COST:  $60 / $110

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH  /  Phone

Whether you call them past lives or parallel lives, it all adds up to being your Soul’s journey. Think of it as your personal library of experiences, knowledge, gifts, and wisdom that you have collected throughout the ages which you can access to benefit your present incarnation.

During the session your Soul will share a lifetime that is significantly impacting this one. This information can assist you in releasing the influences that no longer serve your Soul’s intentions and further integrate the ones that help you to embody your divine blueprint. Best of all, you get to know more about the true you!

soul relationship

COST:  $150
COST: $60 / $110
For a variety of reasons, one person in a relationship may desire to seek insight and guidance about the role another person plays in their life.
LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH  /  Phone

Each person in your life plays a role in strengthening your Soul’s ability to authentically express itself while in physical form. Whether harmonious or challenging, from a soul perspective, each relationship is ripe with opportunities that can transform your life.

During the session you will learn why you have chosen to be in each other’s lives, what you both bring to the relationship to assist in this process, and guidance on how to make the most of your experiences together.

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mediumship for
co-operative soul growth

SESSION DURATION:  30 / 60 min

COST:  $60 / $110

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH  /  Phone

Our Soul’s life is one continuous journey alternating between time spent in some form of physicality and time spent at home in Spirit. This lifetime you are experiencing on earth now is but one small portion of this grand journey.

When we cross back over into Spirit we again fully experience the interconnectedness of all creation and understand that even though Souls may be residing in different realms, we are able to continue to learn, love, and heal together.

This reading opens up a line of communication between you and your Soul tribe in Spirit, and I have found that the topics discussed are practically endless. You can gain a deeper understanding of your relationship while you were here together, learn about growth themes that span generations, heal wounds, receive guidance, deepen your presence in each others lives, and get a glimpse of what life is like on the other side.

The time together can be very emotional, but I have found that it emanates love and leaves people with a sense of peace.

soul guidance


15 (phone only) / 30 / 60 /90 min

COST:  $35 / $60 / $110 / $165

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH  /  Phone

Your Soul Aspect is your connection to universal wisdom and love, and therefore has access to the information you require for any situation that arises in your life.

By consulting your Soul Aspect you not only receive the guidance and insight you have requested, you also re-enforce your desire to bring your Soul back to the center of your being where it belongs as the driving force and creator of your human experience. When you are living a soul-directed life, you live from a place of empowered love.

You can inquire about:

  • Life transitions: divorce, career change, relocation, death of loved one, illness, new direction at mid-life, retirement, sexual and gender fluidity, etc.

  • Relationships, family, work, etc.

  • The next step on your spiritual path

  • Your Spirit Guide(s) and how to partner with them

  • How to directly communicate with your Soul Aspect

  • Healthy living solutions for Empaths

  • And anything else that arises for you!


tea party with spirit

SESSION DURATION:  depends on number

of guests

COST:  $50 per person / 3 – 4 people

LOCATION:  Peterborough, NH

Enjoy tea and homemade shortbread with Martha in her home while you and your guests each receive a 30 minute reading. In a group setting you get the unique opportunity to witness the messages Spirit shares with your friends and then go on to support each other in integrating Spirit’s wisdom into your lives.

Guests may choose from a basic Soul Infused Living, Soul Journey, Soul Relationship, or Soul Guidance Reading.

house gathering for private readings


30 min (number of people negotiable) /

60 min (limit 3 people)

COST:  $60 / $110

LOCATION:  your choice

Invite your friends and family to your home to receive private readings, offer some refreshments, and you have a House Gathering! Martha will begin the gathering by giving a short informative talk about what to expect from a session and answer any questions about the process to help people feel more comfortable and get the most out of their reading.

Guests receiving one hour sessions can choose from a Soul Infused LivingSoul Journey, Soul Self-Care Plan, Soul Relationship Reading, or Soul Guidance reading.

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