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the egg custard epiphany

It started with the yummy noises…..

a series of little exstatic groans followed by a satisfied sigh when all of my physical senses burst open to embrace the tangible pleasures of the moment.

And then…

Emotions and childhood memories flooded in. I felt perfectly content, safe, and loved. Wow, that certainly wasn’t the usual howling or whimpering crew that tends to careen out of my past!

I was completely present in a moment of sublime peace.

It shouldn’t have surprised me that food could be such a catalyst for me. From seed to table, food has always captured my imagination.

For years I have read cookbooks like novels and devoured novels and memoirs where food played a starring role. When I travel I shop food markets like they are souvenir stalls, and as a teenager my friends and I preferred to stay home and cook what we thought were exotic meals together instead of going to parties. I even owned a catering business for several years. These days I keep close to my ancestors by preparing their recipes, and when I go out to eat I am capable of making my dinner companions blush when I can’t keep those yummy noises inside.

And yet I was startled by what was unleashed by a little pink ramekin of egg custard with its delectable dusting of fragrant nutmeg.        

I hadn’t eaten egg custard in decades. I didn’t even make it for my daughter when she was growing up. I have no idea why, since sharing the family food legacy has always been a great pleasure of ours. Through a series of serendipitous events, egg custard reappeared in my life a few weeks ago. You see, egg custard is comfort food from my early childhood. I ate it while propped up in my sickbed amongst fluffy pillows when my appetite made a timid return after a bout of illness. When my mother served it to me, I felt cared for, and knew I would be well again soon.

Let’s return to that more recent moment of sublime peace…..

In that instant when the egg custard slid from the spoon to my tongue and my physical senses blew open flooding me with such perfect peace, I became aware that it was actually safe, and and even desirable, to be in this world in physical form. I did not have to heal, transmute, or escape my humanness like it was dog poop stuck to the bottom of my shoe. And furthermore, the only way I could gain access to the full range of experiences and wisdom this place has to offer was to not only love and honour my divinity, but fully embrace my humanity. Turns out my Soul really needs (and loves) this human costume it designed with all its bells and whistles to expand its awareness and express itself. I’m busted! No more hedging my bets with living in my head, hanging out outside my body, and trying to shield myself from the world.

All this from a teaspoon of custard!

Now I would love to report that I am a permanent resident of the blissful present moment. I’m not. I’m a slightly more frequent visitor, and I am grateful for that. It also came with a surprise gift. With the heightening of my physical senses came the added bonus of enhanced access to my  soul senses! Yup, turns out you really do need to use ALL the parts of your being to be a full participant in the divine dance of creation.

Here’s some more good news.

You don’t have to travel halfway around the world to a guru’s ashram or study spirituality for years to experience a deepening of awareness. The aha moments can occur in the most mundane, everyday circumstances and usually do. Think about it. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. That means there are 86,400 chances each and every day to be truly present. Just imagine, you could be transported into a whole new way of being the next time you pulled on your favourite striped socks or took a bite out of a Twinkie!

The way you can learn how to live from this more expanded perspective is to ask your soul, listen to what it has to say, and act upon it. Your soul is your own personal expert in being fully present for this life. It is your connection to divine wisdom. One of the ways you can open the lines of communication is to have a soul reading.

Here’s to all of us meeting in the present moment.

Egg custard, anyone?

With love,

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