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As you know, my own personal Inner Child work has been the fodder for several of these newsletters, and this one will prove to be a teaser for the next installment of that journey. At this moment I feel the urge to share this message with you.

Inner Child work is not just about healing old wounds. It is also very much about rediscovering the joys of your true essence.

I have witnessed a trend in readings over the past year or so of Spirit recommending to clients that they need to play, daydream, and reconnect with the magic and beauty that infuses everyday life, and more often than not this message is received with feelings of frustration, bewilderment, and even disappointment tinged with a bit of sneering disgust. How could any of that help me with this big important stuff I am grappling with? And by the way, I don’t know how to play or daydream, and I certainly don’t see much magic or beauty in this world.

But you actually do know how. Your Inner Child is the keeper of that knowledge.

And why should you bother with any of this?

Because your Inner Child is the seat of your creativity, the embodiment of your innate innocence and joy, and your doorway to knowing who you really are, not who you have come to think you are, and it is a source for resolving your “grown-up crap” in this lifetime.

It’s powerful stuff. It holds keys to major transformation in your life, and for that matter the world. We have created this world with the beliefs we hold inside. You want to see a different kind of world? Then dig deep, release yourself from the limitations you have acquired, and let your true essence shine through. The world changes one soul and a time. When you live from your authentic center, you also give other people the courage to live from theirs. It’s as simple as that.

Come meet your Inner Child and reclaim the gifts it has been holding for you, both the healing and the joy. I am offering a special on Inner Child Readings and have scheduled another Inner Child Workshop this month to help anyone who would like to get started on this fertile journey.

Now for the teaser! Next time I will share with you how a simple ramekin of egg custard was the catalyst for a major shift in my life.

I taste a new level of freedom coming on!

Love and Light,

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