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My meditation this morning was challenging in the wake of yet another mass shooting. I found myself revisiting an old thought I first had when George W. Bush was president. I wondered whether I wanted to continue to live in a country that seemed to live on a steady diet of fear and hate. It can be exhausting and depressing at times. The truth is I am right where I belong. Why? Because I am here to learn how to choose love in every moment no matter what the circumstances are that surround me, to embody the full potential of my Soul while in physical form. So this is actually the perfect place to do this because it gives me tough opportunities to exercise my choice. 

Think about it. What are our choices?  When has fear, hatred, and judgement healed any situation?

What would happen if we expressed love in whatever manner we are capable of at any given time? 

You might not think you are ready to send love to those who perpetrate acts of unspeakable violence or to those “in power” who refuse to institute laws that could create a safer environment for everyone to live in. It can feel like an impossible task, but here is what I have discovered:
It is not a matter of waiting until your heart opens to begin loving. It is the act of loving that opens your heart. 

Here’s a suggestion:
Make it your intention to focus your attention on love, not fear. Begin with that which comes most easily. Make it a point to express love to your family, friends, your animal companions, nature, and/or yourself every day.  Look for opportunities to share love. Small acts of loving kindness have big effects. For example, I am very grateful to have an independent bookshop in my town, and it is owned by delightful people that always improve the quality of my day just by being who they are. I love to bake, they love sweets, so I  bring them homemade shortbread to express my appreciation. 

Then take a step outside your comfort zone and send love energetically (with your thoughts) to someone who has caused you suffering. You may think that by doing this means that you are absolving them of their actions. You are not. Absolution has nothing to do with it. You are just sending love. 

Observe what happens as you make a practice of filling your day with loving experiences.

Remember you are love. Why not become a window for that love to shine into the world?

I offer you my readings and classes in hopes that they might assist you on your journey to embodying your Soul’s full potential.

Holding you in my heart,


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