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your intuition is your best friend

Your intuition is the voice of your soul, the part of you that is connected to universal truth and wisdom. It is the calm, knowing, loving essence of your being. It knows what is best for you and the whole of creation in any given moment because:

It knows everything is one.

These are challenging times we are living in. Life has taught me that all circumstances, no matter how traumatic, hold gifts. I might not be able to see them right away, but I know they are there. By holding this belief in my field of awareness I am better able to recognize them when they arise, and I can trust that they serve the whole.

So I look for the gems that hide in this global crisis. The pandemic has stripped away many of the trappings of our everyday life giving us the time to go within, discover what is truly important to us, release what is not, and implement changes that may benefit all. This is a time that supports intense soulwork, a path to unity consciousness. We can become more compassionate, loving and creative beings that honour all life. The virus has provided us with vivid illustrations of how everything is interconnected. One of my favourites is the incredible speed with which the earth is able to heal itself. Air pollution has drastically reduced or disappeared in industrial areas that have slowed or stopped production and the waters of the Venice canals have cleared and the wildlife is returning.  Wow, just think what could happen if we would come up with creative solutions to collaborate with nature to continue that healing trend!

The truth is that there is only one choice we make in every moment, consciously or unconsciously, and it is between love and fear. Choices made in fear tend to be a desperate attempt to “save” oneself while those made in love will always benefit the whole which also includes you.Your soul is aware of the reality of this oneness and desires to express it in the physical world, It is also the source of of your courage, creativity, and compassion, and these are the resources that are being called for now. 

Where to begin?

Do ordinary things with extraordinary love. 
                                                                              – Mother Teresa

It is not the size of the act that matters most, it is whether it is done with love. Smiling at one another, thanking the cashier for their service, having a phone chat with a person who lives alone, baking bread for your family, practicing loving kindness meditation, buying only what you need so others can fulfil theirs all have a positive effect on the collective consciousness.

If you can, try leaning into the present moment rather than resisting it. Don’t wish it to be different. See what it has to offer you. Are you experiencing fear? Is it something that is actually happening in the moment or something you think might happen in the future? If what you fear is not occurring presently then you realize it is the thought you are afraid of and not something that is real. You can release it and return to the present moment where your life is actually happening (with or without your attention) and the only place where you can hear your soul. Imagine what wonderful things might find their way into our world when we are able to be consciously present.

It takes practice, and we are not looking for perfection here, but it does become more natural the more you do it. This will not remove all the pain from your life, but it will dramatically transform how you perceive and work with it and that will reduce the suffering.

Be present, listen to your intuition, and choose love as often as you can.

Every so often I will be sending out a new email called Notes from the Aerie where I will share some of the gifts and challenges I discover as we navigate this rather interesting piece of time in our journey. It would also be wonderful if you would share your own discoveries, too. We can learn so much from each other.

Also, know that I am still doing readings by phone to help you connect with your soul for guidance and insight. It can be very helpful to ask your soul for the tools it knows would best serve you at this time and how to use them. Please contact me if you wish to schedule a session.

From my heart to yours,


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